The Paris 2024 coin collection – bigger, more beautiful, more extraordinary.

The collection of coins for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games from the Monnaie de Paris.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games coin collection, comprising over 150 coins, is the largest ever developed and released by the Monnanie de Paris. The first series for the 2024 Olympics was launched in 2021, the year after the last Olympics in Tokyo, and a new series has been added every year. The four coin series thus form a kind of numismatic bridge from Tokyo to Paris. The individual motifs are also of very special quality in many respects – in terms of design, craftsmanship and the stories they tell.

An actually static coin sculpture is set in motion.

Multi-layered symbolism: France as a hexagon and the national icon “La Semeuse” as a boxer

The Monnaie de Paris team has set itself the task of linking sport with the characteristics of the host country, its history, its national symbols and its cultural roots. For example, one series features legendary figures of the Grande Nation – Marianne, the spirit of freedom, or the “Semeuse” (sower) as rather scantily clad, sporting characters, “La Semeuse” as a boxer, for example.

Of course, many collectors and numismatists were initially shocked that the classic iconography had been thrown overboard, but in the end the coin designers’ reasoning was convincing: today’s women are strong and can defend themselves, even with their fists if necessary. In addition, the hexagonal shape symbolizes France as a whole. Based on the shape of the country, the French traditionally and affectionately refer to France as a “hexagon”.


Joaquin Jimenez, Creative Director of the Monnaie de Paris.

This finely balanced combination of tradition and modernity can also be found in the sports series, in which the movements of individual sports are brought to life on the coin using almost photographic or cinematographic depiction techniques. “The coin itself is actually a static sculpture, but we have set it in motion in this way,” is how Joaquin Jimenez, Creative Director of the State Mint, describes the design idea.

According to the creative mastermind behind the designs, the way in which ideas are developed at the Monnaie de Paris is also very unusual. All design ideas are developed in-house by the team. With a mischievous smile, he explains the “classic” process of creating the coin motifs: “When I have an idea while shaving in the morning, I tell it to the marketing team and we discuss it intensively, inspire each other, then develop the idea further and further and then take the next steps with the engravers. In this way, an idea becomes a joint project that makes everyone proud. And rightly so, if you take a closer look at the French coins celebrating the Paris 2024 Games with their multi-layered symbolism and subtle details. For collectors, too: being there is everything.