Presentation by ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH

Streamlining Production with Laser PVD De-Coating and Rapid Digitization of Plastermodels


To enhance efficiency at the outset of the process chain, ACSYS introduces the new Rapid Area Scan (RAS) for ultra-fast digitization of plaster models. The direct interface with CarveCo software creates an exceptionally user-friendly and efficient closed loop. Moreover, the increasing adoption of laser technology and PVD coatings in the Mint industry logically drives the pursuit of a symbiosis between both technologies. Thanks to ultra-short pulse technology and ACSYS‘ unique laser processes, it is now possible to strip a stamping die of its coating without compromising the design. This innovation opens the door to reusing the die at the end of the process chain, resulting in resource-saving production.

Speaker: Alexander Aminidis

With a master’s degree and hand-engraving accolades, Alexander Aminidis excelled in a private Mint, gaining expertise in design and minting.

Over a decade at ACSYS, he merged these skills with cutting-edge laser technology. As Head of Business Unit for Mint & Print, he and his team focus on innovation and customer success in this vital market.