Presentation by BHMA Inorcoat

New approaches on reusing dies (Decoating / repolishing / recoating)


PVD coating of dies is an already well known technique to increase die life of minting tools. It is common to use Cr-based coating materials, due to it positive behaviour on striking coins.

However, one of the biggest challenges was always a sustainable removal of Cr-Coated dies, due to the severe environmental rules in regards of chemical decoatings and potential residuals of Cr 6 / Hexavalent Chrome.

Speaker: Christoph Übelacker

Christoph Übelacker has been working for several years in the Bavarian State Mint and has actually the position of technical manager of the coin production.

With his modern approach in producing dies he has initiated the idea of Laser decoating of PVD coated dies.

Speaker: Romain Waidelich

Romain Waidelich, owner and CEO of INORCOAT, has more than 12 years’ experience within the minting industry and has a profound understanding of related challenges and complications in relation of producing coins.