Presentation by Bulmint

Principles of refinery and casting of precious metals – how Bulmint closes the entire process


Bulmint has recently expanded its production portfolio. A state-of-the-art gold refinery now completes the program.

Based on that we would like to show the principles of gold refining based on primary digestion with Agua Regia, followed by precipitation with selective reagent and final – electrolytic refining for achieving the highest purity of gold.

Furthermore, there are also new investments in the area of continuous casting capacity with an integrated coiler, which allows us to fulfill the diverse customer requests with the highest quality and cost-effectively.

In short, Bulmint would like to bring the previously unknown start of the production process of many precious metal products closer to home.


Speaker: Maya Ivanova

Maya has a bachelor’s degree in Analysis and control of chemical products and a Master’s degree in Spectrochemical Analysis taken in University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Her first practical skills were obtained at the Technical University of Vienna, during her practice for her Master thesis.

In 2019 she became part of Bulmint company, as Head of Chemical department where she accumulated knowledge in all fields in coin production. Especially in surface finishing and electroplating. A year later she lays the foundations of Chemical control of the production. Since then, her main purposes, obligations and challenges are to continuously develop modern laboratory for precious metals testing and to implement the technologies of refining of gold and silver.

Speaker: Thomas Köninger

Thomas has a degree in engineering of electroplating and production.

After being in charge for companies in automotive industry´, Thomas joined the minting industry 15 years ago. With focus on circulation blanks and coins, he has been managing director for companies in Slovakia, Chile and Germany.

Since 2023 Thomas has been part of Team Bulmint, as Technical Director responsible for production and technology as well as for development of International markets.