Presentation by Germania Mint

The next step in selective precious metal plating


For years, Germania Mint has been recognized as the fastest-growing brand in collector coins and investment bars, known worldwide for pioneering new technologies. In collaboration with the Polish company Imago, experts in digital printing, Germania Mint has embarked on a journey to create a new line of devices for the numismatic market. The first step in this venture is the development of a digital printer for precious metals, representing the next frontier in selective coin plating. This presentation will showcase the results of our tests and the potential benefits of employing this groundbreaking technology.


Speaker: Szymon Kurowski

Szymon Kurowski, CEO & Founder, Germania Mint – a visionary and innovative leader with two decades of expertise in numismatics and investments, overseeing a dynamic 250-person company.

Speaker: Jakub Zawistowski

Jakub Zawistowski, CTO, Germania Mint – senior executive overseeing the company’s technology strategy, innovation, technical operations, engineering and high-tech development for nearly 14 years.