Presentation by Hungarian Mint

Laser technology used for adapting raster graphics on circulation coins


The presentation focuses on the latest innovative laser engraving solution to achieve raster graphics on circulation coin. After several experiments a diagonal structure plus frosting combination have been implemented in the final version of tooling process.

With this technical solution we could support to highlight an important historical event in such a way which made a circulation coin more attractive, increasing the demand for that coin and exerting a positive effect on the use of cash.

Speaker: Zoltán Újvári

Zoltán Újvári started his career in January 2015 with Hungarian Mint as a mechanical engineer (MSc, MBA). Till October 2019 he was Head of Minting. Since then he’s been appointed as Operations Manager and supervises the whole technical site. In addition to his technical qualifications he has gained economist, marketing strategist and mental health specialist degrees.