Presentation by KOMSCO

Fabrication technology of lightweight, high relief thin coin with large area


Lightweight, high relief thin coin was produced by cold press. Generally, high relief coin requires sufficient weight of material to provide adequate deformation. In addition, excessively thin thickness causes an unnecessary deformation trace on the back side, corresponding to the pattern on the front side. However, 2.6 mm relief and ~1.2 mm thickness were realized in the Φ60, 1.23 oz Ag coin. The primary key was fabrication of sintered Ag blank with optimized specification.

Speaker: Jaeick Kim

March 2012 – August 2019
Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering, Hanyang University

March 2008 – February 2012
B.S. in Material Science and Engineering, Hanyang University

Current affiliation
Researcher of minting technology
Technology Research Institute of KOMSCO (Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp.)