Presentation by Proditec

Sorting results prediction: A key to a greater quality and productivity


As anyone who uses sorting systems will be able to testify, with more and more modern features, finding an optimal sorting setting can be quite challenging and time consuming. Therefore sorting systems are usually adjusted to a “Good enough” level.

Yet, having an optimally adjusted sorting system is one of the keys to control quality, productivity and production costs.

Applying the Overall Equipment Effectiveness method to coining and blanking process, we saw it would help our customers if we could develop advanced tools for machine setting. On the Visia CM-V3, we propose a new feature that allows to predict the sorting results of any sorting strategy within the touch of a button. This allows to converge quickly on the optimal settings, but it also opens the door to interesting concepts such as off machine settings and the use of artificial intelligence.

Speaker: Eric Sanquer

Eric Sanquer is Sales Manager at PRODITEC, he has been working as a field engineer in different sectors such as textile industry, food packaging, automotive, digital printing, metal extrusion, pharmaceutical industry and of course coin industry.

He has been working with PRODITEC since 2002.