Presentation by Seib-Concept

AUVERIN – An invisible & integrated digital certificate with security verification


AUVERIN – is the first digital certificate that is almost invisible and permanently attached to a product.

The process can be used in various production processes such as minting and printing without any additional technology by the manufacturer.

The certificate can be linked to dynamic information that can be read via freely available reading apps. Safety certificates, product life cycles or other information can be linked to the coin and read out at any time.

Speaker: Thorsten Dalacker

Thorsten Dalacker studied business administration and engineering. As plant manager in mechanical engineering, he was responsible for the product development and implementation.

As managing director of Reu Münz- und Medailienmanufaktur, he accompanied the test series on behalf of Seib-Concept for the technical implementation of AUVERIN on coins, medals, and bars.