Presentation by Spaleck

Optical rim inspection of coins and coin blanks


The optical edge inspection of coin and coin blanks via 2D cameras is common in the minting industry. The inspection of the rim has been a desire not being fully pleased yet.

The company CECO has approached Spaleck to close this gap by integrating a rim inspection in the existing Spaleck inspection technology. In a joint development the challenge could be accomplished.

Speaker: Christine Steenkamp

Christine Steenkamp joined the Spaleck Inspection Team as a System Engineer in March 2023.
Before her start at Spaleck, she was involved in optics development and image processing for many years, especially in the field of medicine.

Speaker: Juan López

Mr. Juan López has been working at CECOSA since 1999, holding degrees in Engineering and Business, he was hired 25 years ago to implement and manage the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, and Energy departments. Prior to joining CECOSA, he worked in the field of electronics, specializing in quality.