Presentation by Teer Coatings Ltd.

Novel PVD Carbon Coatings with Magnetron Sputtering Technology for Cu-Ni Coinage Stamp Dies


Newly developed solid low friction carbon PVD coatings have been applied on the dies for stamping Cu-Ni coins. The reduction of the friction between die surface and stamping material has been studied. The customer stamping results clearly show that the improvement on coinage qualities without compromising the stamp die life. It gives another direction for a section from range of the PVD coatings, especially for some stick coinage materials. Some customer trial results are presented.

Speaker: Dr. Hailin Sun

Dr. Hailin Sun is the Technical Director of the Teer Coatings Ltd, UK, who has a 35-years’ experience in PVD coating development and equipment design areas. He is an active research scientist in both academic and industry areas and published more than 35 research papers and 15 Patents.