About us

The World Money Fair is the world’s largest coin fair and is also unique in its kind, as no other fair brings together such a wide variety of coin dealers, coin producers, mints, national banks and technical experts. It is therefore regarded as the leading international trade fair for numismatics. Around 300 exhibitors from over 50 nations register for the World Money Fair every year and present their numismatic range on the approx. 9,000 square meter exhibition area. These include novelties, coins from numerous countries, special mints, top-class special coins as well as special fair editions, commemorative coins and various medals.

The World Money Fair team

Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel

Managing Director

Luisa Krüger

Head of IT-Strategy & Infrastructure
ERP-System / Visitor Management / Social Media

Corinna Wübbolt

Senior Project Manager
Exhibitor Services / Events